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Who led the armies?Perryville, KY Danville, Kentucky Bluegrass farms for salePerryville, KY Danville, Kentucky Bluegrass farms for sale

Major General Don Carlos Buell (from Ohio) led the Union army. General Braxton Bragg (born in North Carolina) led the Confederate army.Who led the armies? Major General Don Carlos Buell (from Ohio) led the Union army. General Braxton Bragg (born in North Carolina) led the Confederate army.


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Elmwood Inn of historic Perryville, Kentucky is nationally known because its signature facade is featured on thousands of tins of tea and recipe books that ship every day under the banner of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas company. Built in 1842 by local merchant John Burton, the Greek Revival mansion was used as a make-shift hospital during the 1862 Battle of Perryville in the American Civil War. The handsome building served as boarding school from 1896 until 1924 under the care of headmaster Thomas Poynter.

Elmwood was rescued by preservationists in 1974, placed on the National Register of Historic Places, and designated as a Kentucky landmark by Governor Wendell Ford. It served as a regional restaurant until 1989. Noted guests during that time included Ronald Reagan andKFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders. The inn was transformed into one of America’s best-known tea houses in 1990 under the ownership of Bruce and Shelley Richardson. In 2002, Elmwood Inn was named by the UK Tea Council as the first American tea room to be included in their prestigious publication “Best Tea Places.”

Elmwood Inn Fine Teas began importing, blending and packaging specialty teas in 1993 and now supplies teas to tea rooms, restaurants and gift shops in every state. Elmwood Inn’s publishing division, Benjamin Press, is the publisher of over 17 books, mainly on the subject of tea.

The Richardsons ceased the tea room and retail operations in 2004. Elmwood Inn is now home to the offices of the Elmwood Inn Fine Teas and Benjamin Press.

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Perryville, KY

In 1862, Lytle’s regiment took part in the endless march from Alabama to Kentucky, which led to his second battlefield wounding during the Battle of Perryville. The colonel was left on the field for dead, but did not succumb to his wound. He was taken prisoner and thus managed to miss the Battle of Stones River. He was exchanged on Feb. 4, 1863 and quickly moved to rejoin the army in Murfreesboro.

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What happened to the wounded soldiers?  Nearly all of the homes, businesses, stables, and churches within a 10-mile radius of the battlefield were used as field hospitals after the battle.  A few weeks later, 11 official, numbered hospitals were established in Perryville, and all of the remaining patients were moved to these hospitals. The last of the Perryville hospitals closed in March 1863, more than five months after the battle.

Two for tea: Lexington couple opens city’s first retail tea store in Chevy Chase

LEXINGTON, KY – Yes, there is a sterling silver tea set on display, but MonTea is not that kind of tea place.

“It’s not like a traditional tea room,” said Danielle Montague, who, along with her husband, Miller, opened MonTea at 814 Euclid Avenue earlier this month. While there are a couple of chairs for sitting while a cup of tea steeps, it is primarily a retail store, featuring loose leaf teas and tea accessories. No scones or doughnuts, but there will always be water, heated in special tea boilers, hot and waiting for those wanting a cup of tea to go.perryville, ky elmwood inn teas

“We decided it was better to smart very small and very specific,” Danielle Montague said.  click here for the entire article


How many soldiers were present at the battle?

There were 72,196 men in the area. (55,396 Union; 16,800 Confederate)


Why was the battle fought at Perryville?
The Confederates stopped here to stay between the Union army and a supply depot they had established at Bryantsville (30 miles E/NE of Perryville). Also, despite a severe drought, small pools of water were available in Perryville’s creeks and rivers, which the soldiers badly needed. The hilly terrain around Perryville also gave the armies good defensive positions.